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Disclosure: Keep the Law on Your Side

Posted by Tom Hall // February 27, 2017 // Blog / Featured / Sell A House


Piggybacking off of last week’s publication about disclosing stigmatized properties, I’d like to go over what you should and shouldn’t disclose as a seller of a home. Nobody wants to be face to face with a judge so let’s make sure that doesn’t happen shall we? Georgia real estate law requires that a seller discloses […]

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5 Necessary Traits For New Investors

Posted by Tom Hall // February 24, 2017 // Blog / Featured

People have been investing in real estate since our country was founded. Over the past two hundred years, the methods may have changed but the principals remain the same.  There are certain key traits that separate successful investors from those that struggle.  These traits are often more important than numbers, contacts or anything else you […]

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GA Lien Info

Posted by Tom Hall // February 21, 2017 // Featured

GA-Lien-Law-Sum   Lien Waiver Form

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Stigmatized Properties: What Do They Mean To You?

Posted by Tom Hall // February 20, 2017 // Blog / Buy A House / Featured / Sell A House


A stigmatized property is one that a buyer or renter would disapprove of for reasons other than the physical condition or features of the home. The best example I can give is if someone was to commit suicide or was murdered inside the house. Although this probably wouldn’t change the condition or features of the […]

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How to be More Efficient with Your Time

Posted by Tom Hall // February 17, 2017 // Blog / Featured / Inspiration

Schedule Efficient

We all have 24 hours in a day right? So why is it that some people seem to be more efficient and get more accomplished in their 24 hours than others? We’d like to think it’s because some people don’t sleep much but many of the successful people I know get a solid 7-8 hours […]

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Earnest Money

Posted by Tom Hall // February 13, 2017 // Blog / Buy A House / Featured

If you’ve ever been involved in a real estate transaction then you probably know about earnest money. If you haven’t bought a home before or if you did so long ago you forgot the whole transaction, you may not know what it is and what it’s for. Allow me to either teach you or refresh […]

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Who Moved My Cheese?

Posted by Tom Hall // February 10, 2017 // Blog / Featured / Inspiration

Have you reached a point in your life where you have become complacent with your environment and almost settled too deeply into a routine? If so you may want to give this short book a read. Dr. Spencer Johnson does a great job with his witty writing in the analogy-filled story about mice and tiny […]

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How to Handle a Bidding War

Posted by Tom Hall // February 6, 2017 // Blog / Buy A House / Featured

One thing real estate buyers need to know in today’s economic climate is that homes, if priced well, will fly off the shelf quickly. We’ve spoken to this point before but today I want to speak to you about what happens when that well-priced home gets multiple offers and you are interested. What’s the proper […]

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Mental Training for Peak Performance

Posted by Tom Hall // February 3, 2017 // Blog / Inspiration

Mental Training for Peak Performance is a perfect tool to add to your tool box. We as entrepreneurs are always working on our growth… or should be. I am currently finishing up this book but I wanted to write a short blog about it to inspire others. Thoughts become things! Make sure what you’re constantly thinking […]

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