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Posted by Tom Hall // May 29, 2017 // Blog / Inspiration

We thank those who have given so much, so we can have so much. THANK YOU!  

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Building the Next Generation of Real Estate Pros

Posted by Tom Hall // May 26, 2017 // Blog / Featured / Real Estate General

What can you do to effectively groom the next generation of successful real estate pros? Whether you are a real estate investor, agent, owner, entrepreneur, or just wanting your heirs to do better at buying and selling homes; grooming the next generation of real estate pros is critical to the industry. Therefore, how can you […]

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Why You Should Really Be Flipping Houses

Posted by Tom Hall // May 22, 2017 // Blog / Featured / Real Estate General

Flipping houses can deliver fast money, lots of cash and fuel many more investments, but is that really why you should be doing it? One real estate investor previously featured on CNN Money flips houses for a different reason… This investor was out buying up as many foreclosure homes as he could. Then he remodeled […]

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Is Wholesaling the Right Exit Strategy for You?

Posted by Tom Hall // May 19, 2017 // Blog / Sell A House

Many people misunderstand what wholesaling is. Others are jealous of the ‘easy’ money being made by property wholesalers. Is wholesaling the right exit strategy for you? The principles of wholesaling can be seen in banking, supermarkets, the oil and gas industry, recycling plants, and retailers like Costco every day. Invest for value, sell for a […]

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As You Think, So Shall You Be

Posted by Tom Hall // May 17, 2017 // Blog / Inspiration

    As you think, so shall you be… such a power thought.

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Am I Sure I’m Ready To Buy?

Posted by Tom Hall // May 15, 2017 // Blog / Buy A House

I think it’s safe to say everyone you know over the age of 21 has thought about buying a house if they haven’t already.  Those first-timers usually only have a slight clue about what it takes to be able to comfortably buy a home. If you don’t own a home already, the question then becomes, […]

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What to Know When Selling Your Own Home

Posted by Tom Hall // May 12, 2017 // Blog / Sell A House

Selling your own home without a real estate agent can seem like an appealing option, but there are various threats homeowners need to be aware of and protect themselves against.  Familiarize yourself with the necessary steps to protect yourself while selling your own home. With the housing market heating up in many parts of the […]

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Common Inspection Issues

Posted by Tom Hall // May 8, 2017 // Blog / Sell A House

Hello again wonderful readers of our blogs! We wrote a feature on inspections and what all is involved but today we’d like to get more in depth on common issues that we find when the inspection is complete. I’ll break it down by each major system and hit the top couple of issues I commonly […]

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Six Things All New Investors Should Know

Posted by Tom Hall // May 5, 2017 // Blog / Featured / Inspiration

As a real estate investor there are days when you just wish you go could back in time and change some of the mistakes you have made. As far as we know this technology hasn’t been created yet, but I’m sure they are working on it. Instead of hopping in your time machine you can […]

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The Inspection and What to Ask For

Posted by Tom Hall // May 1, 2017 // Blog / Buy A House

I think it’s pretty common knowledge that you always have your home inspected within the first week of going under contract. Buying a house you plan to live in without an inspection is just plain silly. So your inspector will spend a couple of hours in the home checking damn near everything, and gives you this […]

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