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Large Social Following More Valuable Than Good Credit?

Posted by Tom Hall // June 30, 2017 // Blog / Featured

Is having a large social media following more valuable than a great credit score for real estate investors? Obviously everyone ought to be striving to maintain a great credit score but there are many real estate investing education courses which would recommend real estate investors never use their own personal credit to guarantee investments. It […]

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From Ugly Credit to Homeowner in 24 Months

Posted by Tom Hall // June 27, 2017 // Blog / Lending

How can you qualify for a mortgage for buying a home if you are low on savings and don’t have perfect credit? Everyone is interested in buying a home today but not everyone can. Between low mortgage rates, sweet deals on homes and the anticipation that home prices will continue to rise from here on […]

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5 Daily Habits Every Investor Should Adopt

Posted by Tom Hall // June 23, 2017 // Blog / Featured / Inspiration

Good habits are the foundation of any good business. If you put a camera on the most successful people you will see their day is filled with habits that save time, improve focus and ultimately help accomplish more daily tasks.  These habits are ingrained in their mind and are non-negotiable regardless of whatever else is […]

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5 Ways To Improve Your Finances

Posted by Tom Hall // June 19, 2017 // Blog / Featured

As a real estate investor you often are forced to wear many different hats. Perhaps the most important hat that you wear is that of CFO (chief financial officer) of your business. Without a good grasp of all funds coming in and going out you won’t get very far.  In this day and age of […]

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The Millionaire Next Door

Posted by Tom Hall // June 16, 2017 // Blog / Featured / Inspiration

In The Millionaire Next Door, by Cotter Smith, Stanley (Marketing to the Affluent) and Danko (marketing, SUNY at Albany) summarize findings from their research into the key characteristics that explain how the elite club of millionaires have become “wealthy.” Focusing on those with a net worth of at least $1 million, their surprising results reveal […]

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What Makes A Good Real Estate Deal?

Posted by Tom Hall // June 12, 2017 // Blog / Featured / Real Estate General

“Sometimes the best deal you will ever do is the one you don’t do!” ~ JD Esajian This is the million-dollar question: “what is a good deal“? While a good deal can make you a million bucks in some cases, a bad deal can also lose a lot of money as well. There is no […]

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4 Sources Of Capital For Your Next Deal

Posted by Tom Hall // June 9, 2017 // Blog / Lending

The first step of any real estate deal is securing financing. Any grand real estate plans you have are based on your available capital. It will directly impact the market you choose, the purchase price, repair budget and everything about your transaction. One of the most common complaints in the investing business is the inability […]

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Is It Too Late To Stop Foreclosure And Save My Home?

Posted by Tom Hall // June 5, 2017 // Blog / Sell A House

The foreclosure process that homeowners are finding themselves in today is incredibly stressful and frightening. Many may find that they have even fewer options now than they did a few months ago. While there are always new foreclosures being filed across the country, some homeowners have been procrastinating. Some thought help would fall out of […]

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5 Tips To Help Secure Financing

Posted by Tom Hall // June 2, 2017 // Blog / Lending

One of the biggest hurdles for investors old and new alike is securing financing. You can have everything else with your business in place but without financing you won’t get very far.  How and where you find financing has changed dramatically over the past ten years.  It wasn’t that long ago when lender financing was […]

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