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Cashflow is King

Posted by Tom Hall // August 28, 2017 // Blog / Featured

Forget the flipping and the flopping of capital gains real estate investment strategies The successful husband and wife duo on HGTV’s “Flip or Flop” show keeps viewers on the edge of their seats as they purchase rundown properties for cash, sometimes sight unseen, and then renovate and flip them for resale. And boy, do they […]

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Can Flipping Real Estate Be a Second Career?

Posted by Tom Hall // August 21, 2017 // Blog / Inspiration

One way to make a quick buck and have fun doing it is flipping real estate. Rehabbing properties involves buying a home that can use a little work and renovating it to look and feel modern and up to date. Many people wonder if flipping real estate is something that can be done on the […]

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Why Not Transfer Your Investment Property To An LLC?

Posted by Tom Hall // August 18, 2017 // Blog / Featured

Why shouldn’t real estate investors attempt to transfer their investment property, and contract, to an LLC? As real estate education has become increasingly available to aspiring investors, many are gaining access to more advanced tips and strategies. Unfortunately, those attempting to piece their own real estate education together from fragmented tips usually get the steps […]

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Tips For Choosing A Real Estate Brand Identity

Posted by Tom Hall // August 14, 2017 // Blog / Featured / Real Estate General

Establishing brand identity is essential for real estate investors, but it remains to be seen which approach demands the best results. So what techniques can real estate investing companies adopt to ensure the best exposure for their practice? The need for an established brand identity can’t be ignored by investors of all levels. Even for […]

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4 (Weird) Threats to Your Property Value

Posted by Tom Hall // August 11, 2017 // Blog / Sell A House

Every homeowner likes making their house unique, but it’s not always good to stand out. Sometimes what you think gives your home character will actually drive down your property value when you list your house on the market. Here are four odd threats to your sticker price you should be aware of: 1)    Bigger Isn’t Always […]

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Can You Really Stop Foreclosure?

Posted by Tom Hall // August 7, 2017 // Blog / Featured / Real Estate General

It can be challenging (and somewhat scary) to stop foreclosure – you may have to deal with lawyers, bankers and other professionals invading your home and your privacy. In fact, although there are many people who claim they can stop foreclosure, sometimes it can’t be avoided. If you’re facing foreclosure on your home, there are […]

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Are Adjustable Rate Mortgages a Good Idea?

Posted by Tom Hall // August 4, 2017 // Blog / Lending

Because of their low initial interest rates, adjustable rate mortgages can be enticing to potential homeowners who are looking to finance a house. But are they really a good idea? Well, yes and no. Here are some things to consider before signing for an adjustable rate mortgage (ARM): What’s the index? The index refers to how […]

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