Monthly Archives: April 2018

3 Small Business Challenges Overlooked By Real Estate Investors

Posted by Tom Hall // April 30, 2018 // Blog / Real Estate General

There are many reasons to get into real estate investing and many working parts to developing a respective education, but these 3 business challenges often go overlooked by individuals. One of the reasons many choose to get into real estate investing is for the freedom to work from home. Accordingly, the U.S. Small Business Administration […]

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Think Series – Inspiration

Posted by Tom Hall // April 23, 2018 // Blog / Inspiration

As we go through life’s day to day grinds, sometimes we lose our direction and meaning. What is your ‘WHY’? Who inspires you? What keeps you going? In today’s book suggestion, we look at Tuesday’s with Morrie. What an amazing, inspirational book that reminds us to keep focused, but more so, never forget those that […]

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How to Price a Home: What is the Best Strategy?

Posted by Tom Hall // April 16, 2018 // Blog / Sell A House

When deciding how to price a home, what is the best strategy that will result in a fast and lucrative transaction? According to misconceptions provided by home builder lotteries, and a surging trend in multiple offer sales, selling a property should be a relatively fast and efficient process. Yet, there are still those individual homeowners, […]

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5 Tips For Managing Business Debt

Posted by Tom Hall // April 9, 2018 // Blog / Featured / Lending

There is nothing that can bring your business down quicker than excessive debt. You may be able to manage it for a while but the slightest reduction of income will cause the air to come out of the balloon.  If you are like most business owners, and Americans in general, you deal with debt.  If […]

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Think Series – A Mind At Home With Itself

Posted by Tom Hall // April 2, 2018 // Blog / Inspiration

A mind at home with itself. What an amazing title. This book has provoked more thought in me than just about any other book I’ve read recently. Reality is, in part, based on the stories we tell ourselves. What if you could create the reality you truly want by simply changing the story you tell […]

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