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How To Hit The Ground Running In 2019

Posted by Tom Hall // December 31, 2018 // Blog / Featured / Inspiration

The end of the year is a popular time to take inventory of your business. With the Christmas holiday there is usually plenty of opportunity to reflect on where your business has been over the past twelve months.  It can be a pretty eye opening exercise looking back at where you were just twelve months […]

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What’s Your Exit Strategy?

Posted by Tom Hall // December 17, 2018 // Blog / Featured / Sell A House

Having a good deal fall on your lap is only beneficial if you know what to do with it. There will be times in your business when you will be presented with what appears to be a solid deal. Without even thinking you rush to take ownership with the intention of just figuring it out […]

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4 Ways to Reduce Your Power Bill This Season

Posted by Tom Hall // December 10, 2018 // Blog / Real Estate General

As the days get shorter and the weather gets steadily colder, homeowners across the country will see their power bills increase dramatically. Heating and lighting your real estate investment through the late fall and winter can cost you thousands if you’re reckless. So don’t be! Here are a few steps you can take to help […]

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Dealing With Tenants That Want To Be Evicted

Posted by Tom Hall // December 4, 2018 // Blog / Passive Income

How can real estate investors deal with renters that seemingly want to be evicted? It may sound crazy, but real estate investors are increasingly reporting that they are running into situations where tenants actually want to be officially evicted. Is this just an exaggeration, or is this really a trending issue more landlords need to […]

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