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Contract is King

Posted by Tom Hall // October 31, 2016 // Blog / Buy A House / Featured / Sell A House

During a real estate transaction, there are many things to negotiate between the buyer and seller. Things like price, seller-paid closing costs, closing date, earnest money, closing law firm, contingency dates, etc. are all things that have to be negotiated and decided on prior to going under contract on a home. The great thing about […]

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Potential Danger in Shopping Interest Rate

Posted by Tom Hall // September 26, 2016 // Blog / Buy A House / Featured / Lending

As I’ve mentioned before in previous blogs, between the time you make the decision that you want to purchase a home and the time you actually go out with a Realtor and look at homes, you want to have already contacted a mortgage lender so they can tell you exactly what you can afford based […]

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We’ve Closed, Now What?

Posted by Tom Hall // September 12, 2016 // Blog / Buy A House / Featured

Imagine your wrist and fingers are a little sore, you’ve been sitting in the same chair for close to an hour, and yet you’re very, very happy. This is the scenario for home buyers are the closing table. The hard part is over and now you’ve closed on your new home. While I’m sure there […]

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Termites: The Silent Chewers

Posted by Tom Hall // September 5, 2016 // Blog / Buy A House / Featured

If you are a veteran reader of our blogs, you know that when you go under contract to buy a home, there are certain inspections you want to have done to complete your due diligence on the home. Today I want to talk about termites. As a trusted pest control person once told me, here […]

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New Construction… Is It Worth It?

Posted by Tom Hall // August 29, 2016 // Blog / Buy A House / Featured

Does the thought of moving into a new home and immediately having a costly repair make you nervous? Do you just love the smell of new paint and carpet? Are you willing to pay a premium to have everything in your home brand new? Then maybe a new construction home is right for you. If […]

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Inspecting Your New Home

Posted by Tom Hall // August 22, 2016 // Blog / Buy A House / Featured

I think it goes without saying that whenever you purchase a home, having it inspected for defects is extremely important. If you don’t know a home inspector personally, then you may end up asking yourself “who am I going to call?” While Ghostbusters might be a viable option if you are in tune with spirits […]

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It’s Optional But It’s Not Optional

Posted by Tom Hall // August 15, 2016 // Blog / Buy A House / Featured

I know the title is confusing but stay with me. One way the home buyers try to cut costs is by taking advantage of the fact that title insurance is “optional.” What is title insurance and why do I even need it? Good question; let’s look into it. Title insurance is an insurance policy that […]

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The Art of Home Shopping

Posted by Tom Hall // August 8, 2016 // Blog / Buy A House / Featured

So you’ve secured a loan approval from a lender and now you are ready to go out and look at homes. Have fun! This is the good part about home buying. During this process you’ll see tons of interesting things and really get to know the real estate market in the area you want to […]

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The Good, Bad, and Ugly of Home Warranties

Posted by Tom Hall // August 1, 2016 // Blog / Buy A House / Featured

If you have never bought a home before then you probably don’t have any experience with a home warranty company. Well keep reading because today I’m going to explain the good, bad, and ugly sides of home warranties, and find out if they are really worth what you pay. Home warranties are advertised as insurance […]

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Am I Ready To Buy A Home?

Posted by Tom Hall // July 4, 2016 // Blog / Buy A House / Featured

We’ve all been told by relatives, friends, and co-workers that it’s better to buy than to rent. It’s true that when we buy instead of rent, we get to gather equity, get tax advantages, and simply have the pride of home ownership. If you don’t own a home already, the question then becomes, how do […]

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