Keep Pushing

Posted by Tom Hall // June 24, 2019 // Blog / Featured / Inspiration

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5 Common Investor Traps

Posted by Tom Hall // May 6, 2019 // Blog / Featured / Passive Income / Real Estate General

From our friends at CT Homes… No two real estate investors are the same. You may have similar styles & tastes but there is always something about you and your business that makes you start at the same point but where we go from there is completely up to us. There is no sugarcoating the […]

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5 Tips to Accelerate Your Real Estate Business Growth

Posted by Tom Hall // April 1, 2019 // Blog / Featured / Real Estate General

Building a business takes time. With the influence of modern technology, we are conditioned to want, and have, everything in the blink of an eye. When it doesn’t happen, we are easily bored and frustrated and don’t focus like we need to. Building a successful real estate business is no different. We want the business that […]

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5 Real Estate Business Development Tips

Posted by Tom Hall // March 4, 2019 // Blog / Featured / Real Estate General

Are you ready to run your own business? It should not be lost on you that as a real estate investor you are the CEO, CFO, President and Principal of your business. You are directly involved in every decision you make, every property you pursue and every partnership you are involved in. Your ability to […]

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5 Items That Impact Local Real Estate Markets

Posted by Tom Hall // February 11, 2019 // Blog / Real Estate General

With all the constant news and information regarding the real estate market it is easy to get confused sometimes. One day you hear that interest rates are going up and housing market is in trouble.  The next day you hear that there will be an increase in loan programs which will open the door for […]

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Growth Hacking Tips for Real Estate Professionals

Posted by Tom Hall // February 4, 2019 // Blog / Featured / Real Estate General

How can real estate agents, brokers and investors tap into rapid growth to propel their businesses and return on investment (ROI)? Growth hacking, for those who are not familiar with the concept, is all about getting bigger over a shorter period of time. Done correctly, growth hacking requires less effort and offers maximum ROIs. It’s […]

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Why Every Real Estate Investor Needs a Will

Posted by Tom Hall // January 28, 2019 // Blog / Featured / Real Estate General

Do you really need a will? If so, how soon should you draft one after buying a home or starting in real estate investing, and how should you go about doing so? Writing a will and last testament is often one of the last things on a new real estate investor’s mind. There is so […]

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Are You Still On Track To Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions?

Posted by Tom Hall // January 14, 2019 // Blog / Featured / Inspiration

As hard as it may be to believe 2019 is already two weeks old. It feels like just yesterday we were sitting down writing our resolutions thinking about all the wonderful things 2019 has in store.  Before you know it spring will be here quickly followed by summer.  If you are not careful 2019 will […]

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5 Tips To Help Run A Better Business

Posted by Tom Hall // January 7, 2019 // Blog / Featured / Real Estate General

As a real estate investor, you are in charge of your business. One of the biggest adjustments new investors make is transitioning from making offers to actually running a business. Regardless of how many deals you close you must treat real estate like a business. At the end of the day if your bottom line is […]

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How To Hit The Ground Running In 2019

Posted by Tom Hall // December 31, 2018 // Blog / Featured / Inspiration

The end of the year is a popular time to take inventory of your business. With the Christmas holiday there is usually plenty of opportunity to reflect on where your business has been over the past twelve months.  It can be a pretty eye opening exercise looking back at where you were just twelve months […]

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