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A Beginner’s Guide To Buy & Hold Real Estate

Posted by Tom Hall // July 8, 2019 // Blog / Featured / Passive Income

Original credit from Fortune Builders Be sure to follow for their amazing content. BY KONRAD SOPIELNIKOW | @KONRADLIVE Key Takeaways Buy and hold real estate is a long term investing strategy with a unique set of advantages. To get started, investors should mind due diligence and devise a business strategy. Long term rental properties can transform your portfolio […]

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5 Common Investor Traps

Posted by Tom Hall // May 6, 2019 // Blog / Featured / Passive Income / Real Estate General

From our friends at CT Homes… No two real estate investors are the same. You may have similar styles & tastes but there is always something about you and your business that makes you start at the same point but where we go from there is completely up to us. There is no sugarcoating the […]

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Dealing With Tenants That Want To Be Evicted

Posted by Tom Hall // December 4, 2018 // Blog / Passive Income

How can real estate investors deal with renters that seemingly want to be evicted? It may sound crazy, but real estate investors are increasingly reporting that they are running into situations where tenants actually want to be officially evicted. Is this just an exaggeration, or is this really a trending issue more landlords need to […]

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7 Steps To Keep Your Rental Property Occupied

Posted by Tom Hall // November 19, 2018 // Blog / Passive Income

It takes great management to run a successful rental property. One of the most important aspects of rental property management is avoiding vacancies.  Every month that rental income is not coming in directly costs you money.  In most cases these vacancies can be avoided with proper marketing.  There are several little things that you can do […]

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7 Items That Every Lease Must Have

Posted by Tom Hall // November 12, 2018 // Blog / Passive Income

As a landlord your lease is everything. Without a well written lease for your protection you leave yourself open to liability, litigation and financial loss. It is not enough to use the first lease you find online.  Your lease needs to be tailored specifically to the property, the market and your personal preferences.  Anything that you […]

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The Perfect Lease From Beginning To End

Posted by Tom Hall // November 5, 2018 // Blog / Passive Income

As a rental property owner you are only as good as your tenants. You can do everything right with the property but if your tenants are poor it won’t make a difference.  Dealing with tenants is more than just handing them a key and waiting for checks every month.  They should fully understand expectations and […]

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5 Things Every Landlord Should Do With Surplus Cash Flow

Posted by Tom Hall // October 29, 2018 // Blog / Featured / Passive Income

Owning a rental property should be viewed as a long term investment. If you take care of the property it will produce income for years to come.  As apparent as this may be not every landlord is willing to go the extra mile.  They would rather allocate any extra cash flow to other areas of […]

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6 Red Flags With Any Rental Property Purchase

Posted by Tom Hall // October 22, 2018 // Blog / Featured / Passive Income

A quality rental property can completely transform your portfolio. The idea of having tenants provide you with monthly cash flow while reducing your loan balance is a very appealing thought. However, not every property makes a good rental. It is important to always do your due diligence on every prospective rental purchase you make. There are times […]

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5 Biggest Fears Of Owning A Rental Property (That You Shouldn’t Be Afraid Of)

Posted by Tom Hall // October 15, 2018 // Blog / Featured / Passive Income

A healthy real estate portfolio is one of the keys to true long-term wealth. Even a sole single-family rental can completely change your financial outlook. As much as you may see the upside with a rental, there are a handful of negatives that can be difficult to ignore. There is no question that if you […]

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How To Screen Renters With A Tenant Background Check

Posted by Tom Hall // October 1, 2018 // Blog / Featured / Passive Income

Today’s most profitable rental property portfolios are the result of meticulous due diligence, countless hours of research, hard work and foresight. A truly profitable rental property, at the very least, is contingent on several variables coming together and working synergistically on behalf of an investor. It is worth noting, however, that there is a single variable that […]

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